Frequently Asked Questions

My video playback intermittently stops. What can I do?

Students watching videos using this network should not experience playback issues if the recommended devices and bandwidth are used.

Intermittent video playback problems when you are viewing videos outside of school or salon could be caused by:

1. Bandwidth

We recommend a bandwidth connection of at least 25Mbps. Note that if more than one person is watching a video using the same connection, the effective bandwidth is divided, therefore greater bandwidth is required when multiple people are watching the videos.

2. Device

Some older computers can have problems when playing back high resolution video. If you are viewing a video using Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome the videos are played using Adobe Flash which can causes older computers to slow down.

Videos of a lesser quality may work better and can be selected by using the menu icon at the bottom right hand side of the video player (Not available in Safari).

What devices are recommended for watching the videos?

Recommended Video Players

Best video performance is achieved by watching on the following devices.

Compatible Video Players

Playback of videos is also support on the following devices / browsers. For optimum video playback performance we recommend the video players above.